Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need a laptop? What kind of laptop will be needed?

Yes, you’ll need your own laptop. Visit and, if you can download/install/run the Processing software (it's free, though they accept donations), you should be all set. Participants might wish to bring headphones and/or a webcam to work with sound and video. It’s best if participants have admin access to the laptop, but if not, email us and we’ll help you figure out specifically how to set things up.

What programming language do you use? Why?

Processing. It involves real text-based syntax, it is essentially the same as Java (a ubiquitous programming language) with a handful of additional tools for working with media, it is free (or you can donate), and its wide availability/use makes it a common fixture amongst everone from computer programmers (often for prototyping) to tech-minded artists and musicians to engineers to a large community of makers. It strikes a great balance, providing just enough (for instance, libraries that make it straightforward to access an image’s pixel data or play a sound or recieve mouse input...) so that it can help you do a whole lot without relinquishing very much in the way of computing. Someone versed in Processing would comfortably adapt to the slight syntactial differences of other common languages like C++, JavaScript, Perl, etc.

What do we do for lunch?

Bring your own lunch. We’ll have access to a microwave and a refrigerator, and we will eat outside (minding the weather of course) on the school’s shaded terrace. Bring snacks, water bottles, and any other provisions you’ll need to keep yourself going too.


Please download, print, and complete this form (bring it on the 1st day).

Who are the organizers?

Nicole Uhre-Balk & Christopher Player


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